Speed your business with IT solutions

Increase your profits with simplified technology solution and automation.


Software development services

Enterprise Architecture

We can build your entire enterprise application ecosystem from ground up or improve existing.

Web Applications

Online presence, SaaS applications, E-Commerce application, business web applications.

Quality Assurance & Control

Dedicated testing team (QA) will ensure application is running reliable and as required without any downside to business. QA will ensure continuous working.


Application security is our fist layer in application design which allows every feature to be secured by default.


Application lifecycle require constant change for business process modifications, performance improuvements, regulations updates, frameworks updates, security updates, new feature upgrades.


All deployments should be controled by version, automated, configurable for on premis deploy or cloud deploy and automated deployments for scalability.


Case studies


Real estate investment platform

How Simple Solutions helped develop a real estate investment platform, that grows their business by making it possible for everyone to become an investor in a few clicks.

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Investment banking platform

How Simple Solutions helped several investment banks develop a practical collaboration platform, which increased investment capital by simplifying an investor onboarding process and portfolio management.

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Asset management digitalization

How Simple Solutions helped an asset management company gain competitive edge and higher efficiency by automating internal processes with digital solutions.

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Insurance company digitalization

How Simple Solutions helped an insurance company selling more policies with a software platform, scalable on a country level.

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Online payments tech startup

How Simple Solutions helped tech startup gain technical expertise to develop an online payments platform on a global scale.

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Fintech software solutions

How Simple Solutions helped a fintech company sell more B2B customized financial software solutions by providing technical expertise and scalable development team.

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How we work

Inovative delivery process


For each client we will challenge existing requirements and will find different options to solve the problem.

  • Innovate and simplify client working process.
  • Show different options to solve the problem.
  • Collaborate with client to find most optimized solution.


To achieve highest return of investment for client we create long term delivery strategy and team to achieve desired goals in cost optimized way.

  • Assemble delivery team.
  • Choose right technology.
  • Implement delivery strategy.


When the delivery strategy starts to show the results, clients usually what to scale all technology portfolio to reinvent and automate all business processes.

  • Increase delivery team.
  • Acquire new technology and skills.
  • Reinvent and automate other business processes.

To achieve the best delivery process and strategy we organize the entire process in 4 main categories. This process is repeatable in the time interval of 2-4 weeks depending on the client's needs.


Define what will be delivered, how it will be implemented and who will develope it.


Technical implementation of the client's requirements.


Assuring that the delivery will run business process as smooth as posible and without interruption when in production.


Monitor production running, gather usage data, learn from it, adjust where needed.

15 years of experience

About Us

Simplifying your business

More that 15 years of experience in building teams to deliver SaaS applications, E-Commerce applications, startups, security, enterprise solutions, web applications, process automation, payments and other tech solutions for all kind of domains. In last couple of years, due to high demand, we are specialy focused on FinTech domain.
Our vast experience in IT consulting can bring a solid foundation for your business with the upcoming challenges.


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