Investment banking platform digitalization

How Simple Solutions helped several investment banks develop a practical collaboration platform, which increased investment capital by simplifying an investor onboarding process and portfolio management.

Project challenge

Investment banks wanted to find a solution for a slowdown in the investor onboarding process and portfolio management. Several user groups, too many separated actions, and the traditional, time-consuming ways were taking their toll on clients & their partners' business growth. They needed to reinvent the whole process to achieve the desired efficiency level.

Given the several separated user groups, such as investors, investment advisors, bankers, and middle-office users, it was necessary to make five different applications to function as one integration between financial institutions and investors:

  • Application for creation of Investment Products with multiple validation levels and regulation checks.
  • Application for financial investors, that offers possibility to invest both individually and as a company. It enables advanced investors to manage their investment portfolios and handle documentation management.
  • Application for bank advisors with complete client onboarding system and multiple levels of digital contract signing. Client risk assessment is provided by one of the partner investment banks. The application enables transparency in terms of portfolio orders changes and investment products overview. It gives the bank advisors possibility to make requests and create investment portfolios on their clients' behalf.
  • Application for middle-office users, which provides validation and monitoring of all types of client or advisor requests, as well as the option to easily forward requests to the main bank.
  • Application for investment bank allows full control in terms of evaluation and approval of new investors' requests and current investors' ongoing portfolio changes.

Delivery process & team

Software Delivery Methodology

Our team brought innovative solutions regardless of the complexity of the situation, by methodically following steps of the agile process:

  • Requirements gathering
  • Development
  • Testing
  • Client Validation

Experienced Team

Vast experience in financial applications coupled with knowledge of the latest technologies and carefully designed strategy made our team stand out as the best choice for our client. With a full understanding of the client's business pain points, QAs were going above & beyond to detect mistakes in the application code. Senior Software developers were the ones to come up with the solutions to fix those pain points in a short period and bring the overall functionality of the application to the expected level.


Productivity increase came as a result of the innovative approach in this project's development process. Our team managed to simplify the investment process through this application, by applying reusable components in the application code.

Data encryption and protection advanced technologies, which our developers used, enabled them to focus on all user groups' data safety. This approach helped the application achieve high-security standards for financial applications, as was later reviewed by an outside security agency.

Flexible & effective automation of the investor onboarding and investment processes gave the client application, that covers all the functions of what previously was a slow manual process, along with portfolio management with higher security standards for all application users.

Cost reduction by 80% of initially expensive process enabled financial institutions to focus on the scalability of their business.

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