FinTech software solutions

How Simple Solutions helped a fintech company sell more B2B customized financial software solutions by providing technical expertise and scalable development team.

Project challenge

FinTech service company needed an outside team to help them with the digital transformation for increasing the number of the new B2B projects and enabling their business to grow.

To enable the company's expansion, the client was looking for a team of experts, capable of handling their projects and dealing with the complex FinTech systems. Apart from the development and regular QA testing of their applications, they also needed an experienced financial domain counseling team.

Delivery process & team

To deliver optimal results within the stipulated deadline, the team followed agile principles, creating a unique flexible Scrum development process.

To bring innovative solutions to client's business pain points, the team structure was diverse:

  • Software architect, who was making design choices, coordinating and monitoring technical and software coding standards, platforms & tools;
  • Software developers, who worked on designing, developing and implementing new features;
  • QAs, who performed all the necessary tests on the code and communicated the results with the developing team and the client, thus helping to produce the most effective application software.

Given the number of years of work experience in the FinTech industry, the team quickly understood the problem from the client's perspective and fixed it.


High security standards have been achieved by team expertise in data security and real-time data encryption, which resulted in the highest cyber-security standards for the financial applications.

Flexible database architecture design, that our team applied, helped optimize the development delivery process and accommodate more cost-effective application change requests the client was requiring on the regular basis.

Cost-efficient staff recruiting, which replaced previously expensive and time-consuming process, helped the client assemble a team of dedicated software engineers, who can fully integrate in client's in-house team and are capable of delivering turnkey solutions.

Team with business domain expertise helped understand client's business requirements and challenge the different approaches in application functionality, which resulted in premium application service and overall usability.

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