Asset management digitalization

How Simple Solutions helped an asset management company gain competitive edge and higher efficiency by automating internal processes with digital solutions.

Project challenge

The asset management company, with over €50 bills. worth of assets under their management wanted a major change in a digital transformation of their internal applications.

One of their main challenges was to transition from several old desktop applications into a web application, with the modern single sign-on (SSO) security with active directory consolidation for all applications. Lastly, their in-house team needed help to maintain some old applications, while simultaneously focusing on future WEB application development.

Delivery process & team

Development Process

Applying the by-the-book standard Scrum process with 2-week iterations, the client got quick testing feedback from the in-house users. This process allowed them to achieve desired speed and quality of the digital transformation.

Process delivery methodology:

  • Product Backlog Creation
  • Sprint planning
  • Sprint development
  • Testing and Product Demonstration

Delivery Team

The complexity of the project dictated the structure of the team. Given the client's legacy software, which called for some profound changes, we assembled the team of senior & junior full-stack developers, team leads, senior QA engineers led by an Enterprise Software Architect. The team was integrated with the client's in-house team.


30-50% faster delivery time with higher reliability was a result of applying a new way of component design, as opposed to the standard software development way. This strategy helped the client avoid weak points of an old system and gave them flexibility in terms of future improvements additions as the business changes.

Eco-oriented investments, provided through the profitable green businesses searching app, that allows the client to follow the global trends, easily apply required business changes and contribute to an eco-friendly and more sustainable lifestyle.

CRM system, which allows client better overview of the ongoing business processes and better cooperation with their investors, as it helps acquire, retain and manage the client's investor base.

Digitalized internal workflow made daily tasks of the client's in-house employees more simple and stress-free to accomplish, which consequently increased their overall business performance.

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