Insurance company digitalization

How Simple Solutions helped an insurance company sell more policies with a software platform, scalable on a country level.

Project challenge

The client required the transformation of an obsolete insurance platform. Traditional business processes and numerous separated actions were taking a toll on the company's growth. To be able to sell more insurance policies, they needed to systematize multiple insurances processes into one cohesive, time-saving structure, improving the productivity of the middle-office users and insurance advisors.

The client also wanted simplification and automatization of insurance contract signing, automated risk assessment and a faster validation process. In addition to that, all of the insurance contracts data were to be stored and kept secure at a larger partner insurance company.

Delivery process & team

Reduced Agile Methodology

With both client's and our forces joined on this project, we've come up with a simplified iterative development process, using agile principles, focusing on bringing innovative solutions to client's business pain points:

  • Requirements gathering
  • Development
  • Approval

Team of Professionals

Some of our brightest minds put their vast experience, knowledge and patience into this project. The team mainly consisted of senior full-stack software developers, working tirelessly to deliver optimal solutions, with the quality assurance team occasionally checking up on them to ensure their work meets high-quality standards.


Outdated code redesign was a first challenge to help the client with. Reconstruction of an old design led us from an outdated platform with only 30% of initial functionality, towards a modernization of the platform and more adaptable software in a short period.

Modernization of the platform, achieved by using up-to-date technologies, eventually gave the client more adaptable platform in terms of possible new future requirements integration within the stipulated deadline.

20% performance increase of the application was achieved with expertise in query optimization and data design reconstruction. New data design resulted in scalable application usage across EU countries.

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