Online payments tech startup

How Simple Solutions helped tech startup gain technical expertise to develop an online payments platform on a global scale.

Project challenge

The client's vision was global change how an individual or a company can make a difference in the nonprofit and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) domain. Vision has been supported by venture capital investment of €20+ mil. The challenge was to help with the development of online fundraising & donations platform for individuals, companies and non-profits. The platform should have the possibility to seamlessly embed a widget into any website, blog, or intranet.

The client's in-house team needed additional development help to keep up with their business expansion. They were lacking the necessary resources and expertise, but at the same time, they were striving to avoid unnecessary and over-the-budget recruiting.

Delivery process & team

Delivery Methodology

We've been able to meet our client's every request and deadline by following the Scrum methodology:

  • Product Backlog Creation
  • Sprint planning
  • Sprint development
  • Testing and Product Demonstration
  • Retrospective and the next sprint planning

Team Expertise

Combining over a decade of experience in modern technologies, we provided full-stack software development consulting and development with tech lead expertise, senior software engineers and junior software engineers.


Fast response time was the main challenge and "how-to" innovation on this project. The team succeeded to create and maintain a multi-tier data scalability architecture of the platform, enabling real-time data processing and uninterrupted high scalability, no matter the number of users and donations.

Data scalability experience, that we had transferred to their in-house team through our cooperation, resulted in solving their donation payment processing peeks problem, and turned out to be a profitable investment in a long run.

Technical expertise in full-stack application development, which resulted in creating technology platform, that has a competitive advantage in the global market.

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