Real estate investment platform

How Simple Solutions helped develop a real estate investment platform, that grows their business by making it possible for everyone to become an investor in a few clicks.

Project challenge

The client wanted to reinvent the second generation of their Real Estate investment platform by enabling investing with just a few clicks and improving the quality of investors' digital experience.

The client needed a new platform to be more customizable to investors' needs, enable users to invest faster, keep up with the market expansion, and be more secure. To create such a platform, we were required to use the latest modern web technologies and integrate more complex platforms like payment systems, digital signature systems, and marketing campaigns as one seamless experience.

As new ideas were coming up during the development process, we had to understand the client's business domain and set up a very agile development process to achieve the highest flexibility of change requests from the start.

Delivery process & team

Agile Development Process

Multiple years in software development brought needed experience to avoid delivery delays, budget estimation and prevent bad delivery practices.

Comprehensive, efficient and thorough quality assurance testing was the key to maintaining the trust of our client. To help the client meet their business specifications, detail-oriented QAs made sure that every latest feature is rigorously tested and secure from the very beginning.

Starting with a secure first approach by implementing the latest authentication and authorization methods in the platform, we achieve high-security levels and prevention of information leakage.

Process Steps

  • Requirements gathering and alternative idea exploration
  • Security planning and constraints of requirements
  • Development iteration
  • Testing / Quality assurance
  • Automated deployment
  • Client feedback

Experienced Development Team

We're proud of highly-skilled, versatile, experienced team members, who joined the effort to provide our client with high-quality service. What once was only a vision, now becomes a cutting-edge investment platform, thanks to:

  • Senior Software Architects, who strategically applied high technical standards to the modern design of investment platform.
  • Senior full-stack software engineers with an average of 10 years of experience in the financial domain and web development, who brought together the latest development innovations in technology to create and provide an excellent platform.
  • UX designers were in charge of an accessible, appealing and functional investment platform. Capable of empathizing with the client and detecting the pain points in the design of the platform, they tailored it to fit the client's specific business needs.
  • Quality Assurance team with years of experience in financial applications ensures, that the functionality of the platform meets high-quality standards through a series of rigorous and thorough feature testing.


During our cooperation on this project, apart from years of experience in software design, the client also gained:

  • Faster ROI - Aiming to ever achieve optimal results by using minimal resources, our team of experienced professionals has made time-saving changes in the development process, reducing coding time by 30-50%, compared to standard practice. Innovative platform architecture allows client flexibility and easy adaptation of the platform to business changes and new markets.
  • Simplicity was achieved through constant challenging of the business requirements and numerous integrations in the application, such as the option to hide the complexity of payments provider, avoid legal mediation and unnecessary financial fees, enable digital signatures, marketing campaigns, etc.
  • Quality was achieved thanks to experienced team members, who monitor the development process by keeping an eye on every segment of the platform, thus ensuring its high-quality application.
  • Transparency was achieved with great UX experience of the investment details on ongoing projects, providing an easy decision making.
  • Scalability was achieved due to modular software design, performance enhancement with immediate response time, and ability to handle well under bigger workload, as well as quick & easy adaptation to the business rules changes.

Those benefits are allowing the client to scale real estate investment platform across multiple EU countries with the same great user experience.

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